Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wind is disrupting us again

Now I feel like a broken record player.  We won't be down to Dufferin this week and Saturday's Wychwoods is up in the air.  Checked the marine weather this morning just to see the red banner across the top again saying Gale Warning.  Went one week without seeing that but it is back again.  I guess we should feel not so bad for we did one full week. 
Not much else to share.  We have snow in our forecast by end of the week.  We are busy just trying to keep busy.  Cleaned up the yard, cleaned up Andrew's work area, cleaned (sort of) our storage area in the plant and made brines for imaginary fish.  The "To Do List" is shrinking but we look around and we can add a dozen other things.  Boys are busy stacking firewood and their dry land ski training starts tonight. 
We wish this weather would give us a break for we would love to go fishing. 

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nadine giguere said...

Bummer. I'm really missing the fresh fish. Hope to see you guys down at Dufferin Grove again soon!