Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Again, the wind

We will be at Dufferin Grove this week.  With only smoked though.  These winds have been a pain and can't even ask for a compromise with it. 
Wychwood's market we won't be able to make it down.  The marine weather for southern Georgian Bay is bad today, really bad tomorrow and then just repeat horrible over and over for the following days.  Why do I even bother looking at the forecast? 
I sit here in the silent processing plant and have fond memories of music playing, employees talking and laughing.  The fish being cut up, pin boned and washed with care.  The water running in the back ground and the faint aroma of fresh fish and bleach in the air.  I miss those days but they will return once this wind cuts it out.  Till then, we will continue puttering away getting ready for winter.  The list of things to do continues to grow even though we scratch things off the list regularly.  The challenges of a Georgian Bay Fisherman.

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