Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Fresh but plenty of smoked for Dufferin

I know a lot of people have been waiting patiently for some fresh fish.  So have we.  The winds have been brutal.  We had gale warnings today out and yesterday they were even calling for water spouts.  Never saw one of those but nor do I ever want too.  Last time I said something like that was about a bear, never seeing one that is.  Then one day one showed up on the back porch with only a glass door seperating it and us.  Now I try and watch what I wish for. 
We will have smoked fish and plenty of smoked whitefish.  It is whitefish season right now so everything is being bullied out to deeper water till they are done doing what they do this time of year. 
We do have caviar though.  Let me know how it is.  The first couple of batches are usually the most challenging.  Rusty.... 
We also have fish stock made from whitefish.  I tried to leave some room at the top of each bottle so it can be frozen if you would like to save it for another day.  I hope it is enjoyed and make a quick pot of soup or chowder for you on these brisk days.  I am seeing people enjoying a hot bowl of chowder curled up by a fireplace while the winds blow the snow around outside.....   Oh okay to early for talk of the white stuff. 
See you at Dufferin.  Hope it isn't so windy tomorrow.

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