Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy few days

We made to Ted Thorpe's due and it was a blast.  Kids came with us and they were tired right out and slept most the way home.  The food was amazing....  The people were great....   Fond summer memories it has given us.  Thanks Ted!
When we got home we got busy.  Painted our boat, put a hole in our plant's wall so we can run hydro and water out to the smoke shed.  We also had our little docking area dredged out again and also had the openning widened so when it erodes again it won't fill in quite so quick. 
Here are some pictures of what has been keeping us busy....

The push to do the chores before the snow comes is on.  The leaves are beginning to change so something is in the air....  Also the countdown to doing golden caviar is also drawing near.  It usually starts in the middle to late October runs to the beginning or middle of December. 

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