Friday, April 16, 2010

Andrew is out fishing for tomorrow's market

Andrew was able to slip out before the wind picks up.  It is just now beginning to get a bit breezy but hopefully he is on his last net and headed back to shore shortly. 
We hope to stop somewhere coming home from market to celebrate our youngest boy's eleventh birthday.  His birthday isn't till Monday but it I am sure he won't mind.  Now for us to figure out what an eleven year would like or even where to eat. 
Next Saturday will be Andrew's birthday.  Oops did I say that?  It has been a few years since he had his birthday and market fall on the same day.  I hope to make it fun.  Any suggestions?
Well I hope to get some pictures today if I can remember and if not we will see everyone at market tomorrow.  I also will be making the smoked fish pate I made last week again.  So I best run and get some of these things started. 

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