Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Ice is Coming

The day the bay will freeze over is coming.  It will happen sooner this year than last and has us thinking it may not be the best idea to set the nets back out in the water.  There is a slush on the water's surface today and it would only take a few more chilly nights and it will become plate ice which may or may not stick around.
What are we planning on?  Not to sure.  We hope to make it to a market but we had hoped to have some fresh fish.  We are busy trying to figure it out but still working away on other chores we let slide over the last little while.
I was able to rearrange my staff room yesterday in the plant.  It sounds funny when I say that for it is only Andrew and I that are staff.  I like the changes for it seemed to open everything up and makes it look a bit larger than it really is.  Hard to imagine only months ago it was a bedroom painted in a bright pink with a burgandy carpet. 

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Anonymous said...

Do you think you will have fish for the dufferin farmers market in Toronto on Thurs Jan 14th?