Thursday, January 14, 2010

Andrew is off to Dufferin

He is on his way down to the city.  The fish are all loaded up. 
I am busy smoking fish for Saturday market down at Wychwood.  So everything seems to be somewhat normal for a Thursday.  I will take normal any day.
Next week I will be gone and just looking at the work that Andrew has to do with the tile.  All the tables need to be moved out again.  It is not a huge thing but in the summer/fall things were a bit easier.  I am sure the floors will look spectacular when I return but it will be a huge undertaking for him.  This will be the fourth layer of flooring in the plant in 15 months time.  This time I hope we have it right. 
The snow is melting.  Becoming soft and slushy in driveways, etc.  The skiing is an adventure now to see if you can stop or make a corner for the track is ice.  Boys are loving it though.  All the hills are really fast.  Mom on the other hand wish it was just a bit more controlled for hitting snow banks are narrowly missing trees is just a bit much. 
I guess this weather is the January thaw.  It seemed a bit later than normal but I will take it.  After it is done then maybe it will be safe to look at starting an ice rink for the boys.  Last year we did it then the January thaw came and the rink left.  Then we did again after the thaw and the rink came out beautiful.  We had the rink up to March Break which was nice.  Lots of work though and many cooooold nights flooding it and building it up.  The boys are now old enough though they can take turns with us watering it. 
Andrew will see you today or Saturday.  I will be skiing with two of my boys Saturday but my oldest and his dad will be down to Wychwood. 

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