Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finally Have High Speed Internet

We finally have high speed internet. Our e-mail has changed.

Andrew is on his way to Dufferin Market but with no fresh fish. The wind has been very unperdictable and changes directions it seems like every 12 hours. Todays winds are east 15 knots and then backing to 15 knots from the northeast for tomorrow. It looks really scary out on the water and I am glad Andrew is in the city selling today and not waiting on shore to go fishing. Andrew usually can't make it out fishing if ther are any whitecaps on the water. You can sort of see them in the pictures. You can really hear the water pounding the shore. I am wondering how his nets are doing and if they will hold up to this blow. Last time this happened two weeks ago the nets were filled with algea and zebra mussels. It took us most of Thanksgiving weekend to pressure wash the nets.

Did any of you get snow over Thanksgiving? We had flurries on Monday. Our boys are excited for that means cross country skiing soon. I am in no mood to talk about snow yet but I guess it is coming.

Our smoke house is coming along. Our roof has been ordered and will be in Friday. It will be a metal roof so that I don't need to get up there and shovel it off in the middle of winter. A friend of ours is working away on it.

Inside of our plant the finishing touches are still happening. We found the knee operated valves for all the hand washing sinks. What a price those came at but what can you do. Now the fun of setting them up considering the difference in height between Andrew and I. The trim for the window, floor and ceilings are all up. The floor has been sloped in the walk in cooler. The finishing touches of painting were done and the electrical was completed. Still some more things like putting a filter between the windows and screens to keep the dust out and setting up the ventilation system. Also our vinyl curtain that will seperate our finishing area and raw area are in and just need to be hung. So we are puttering away and checking things off the list.

We attended the Picnic at the Brickworks. We had a blast. The boys joined us and they had a great time. We all came home tired and very full of wonderful food. We enjoyed the day and glad the cool weather held off for that function.

Hopefully I can get back to updating this more often now. The pictures to load shouldn't take forever now.

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