Friday, June 19, 2009

The day is done and the next is soon to begin

I just helped our worker for the bus finish up the dishes and do the clean up for the bus. What a busy day for the bus and she was happy to go home. She said she never did so many fish dinners before and it made the day fly by.
Today's catch wasn't wonderful but we did catch some. It made it an early day for everyone but kinda of a disappointing one for we realize there won't be enough fish for a lot of our customers. Our help was more than eager to do more if we had it, but next time we told them. Save that energy for one day we will need it. But we do have plenty of smoked fish. Lots of regular smoked and plenty of honey garlic.
We are now preparing to try to get some sleep and start our travels tomorrow morning. We will be at the Brickworks, Wychwood and Owen Sound tomorrow. See you soon. Night for now.

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