Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look at what Andrew found

This came up in the nets. Any guesses on the age of it? But it destroyed the nets when it came up and the weather didn't help.

It was rough on the water. Blowing from the southeast and almost coming over the bow.

But Andrew did get the fish and he did make back to shore safely.

We did an extra smoker for Dufferin this week. That made an interesting change in our normal schedule. It made things a bit more lively than last week but it all was completed and looking good.

We also found some new help for us with the fish. He just started but he is enjoying the challenge. His name is Jason and he is from the reserve. Hopefully he stays on for the season for it would help us greatly. Hopefully no more 2 am nights.

We are in for a thunderstorm tonight and we are just making sure everything is covered or brought in if we don't want it soaked. Boys sneakers had to come in from the porch and window had to be rolled up. Normal stuff.

Andrew will see you at Dufferin tomorrow.

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