Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Andrew didn't go fishing today for some chores around the house needs our attention.

It is such a gorgeous day it is perfect to get some work done outside.

We made it to Wychwood's market and it was interesting with the thunderstorm. But over all it was a good day and really if a fisherman was concerned about a bit of water he wouldn't be much of a fisherman.

We went for dinner with a friend and his family last night on the way home. We also picked up a new display counter and vacuum packer. We hope to start using that at the markets but we have to find a trailer that will carry it for us. Our baby trailer worked last year but I guess it is the next size we will need. It is a beautiful counter and the fish will be happy in its new home once we figure out the trailer issue.

The bus is open today and if it is anything like last year it will keep us hopping. We have prepared it as best we could be but it always interesting. I was told I was not to work it for it is Mother's Day. That is nice and a big thanks goes to Daniel for doing that job.

Owen Sound's market was a bit slow yesterday because of the rain but our customers were happy to see the fish again. It was nice to have the fish return to the market for we started at Owen Sound soon to be seven years ago. I can't believe seven years have passed but time is flying since we started with the fish. I can't imagine not doing the fish now.

I should go out and play some basketball with my boys and maybe consider taking them to the ball diamond to hit the baseball around for a bit. They enjoy when mom is pitcher so they can watch me dive into the dirt. This is why mom is a bit hesitant but maybe I will get a bit braver as the afternoon goes on.

Happy Mothers Day again and hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy this beautiful day.

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tommyboy said...

hey happy to have the fish back but sad to have missed you were like in coolers magical smoked fish fairies....take to ya soon..