Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wind, Thunderstorms, Morels & Leeks

The title just about sums up our weekend. We tried to go fishing, couldn't for the wind changed and the thunderstorms moved in. A couple of pictures of the storm moving in last night just behind our house and how the water looks just before the storm.

Andrew went for a walk and found our first morel and leek. We are planning on going out and continuing the search this week if it stops raining. Hopefully we can have a pot of homemade potato leek soup soon. And the morels just to be fried up and added to our favorite dish. Sounds yummy and looking forward to the hike on the bluffs.

Tomorrow the weather may let up. We will need to wait and see. But the brines for the smoked fish is made and now cooling. I am going to be ready to smoke Tuesday. Now we need to just ask the wind to calm and thunderstorms to move on so we can get the fresh.

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