Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally got out on the Bay

Andrew got out first thing this morning. He found one net in really bad condition and had to pull it out. The catch was 2 lake trout and 11 whitefish. The catch still sluggish but their bellies were full so they are eating well. He had to go back out this afternoon for two more nets and the catch was 1 trout and 3 whitefish. But he said it was a nice day and he was able to clean his nets. The next couple of days are suppose to be beautiful so he hopes to make the most of it.

The fry bus got a spring cleaning today. This weekend we may open it depending on the weather. The smokers also got a scrub and they are ready to go tomorrow.

It sounds like we for sure will be down to Dufferin's market on Thursday but depending on tomorrows catch, Saturday's market is up in the air. Crossing our fingers for a good catch. We need to tell the fish spring is here.

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Unknown said...

These updates are as fresh as the fish. Thanks.